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Social Security& SSI Disabiltiy Law

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Attorney Kenneth N. Gormly has been in the practice of law since 1983, and has been exclusively focused on helping people win their claims for disability benefits since 1995. He handles cases at all levels of application and review.

You’re invited to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your claim for benefits. We have shown hundreds of disabled persons how to win their Social Security claims, and look forward to helping you with your case.

We are also available to do free lectures or in-service trainings on topics of Social Security disability law — how it affects you, your group, your clients or your organization.

To contact us, visit us at our office at 1105 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, Washington. Or call us at (253) 274-0500 or E-mail us at: [email protected]

Social Security Disability Attorneys

Who We Are

Attorney Ken Gormly is a lifelong resident of the Gig Harbor-Tacoma area. He graduated from the University of Puget Sound Law school in 1983, and represented his first Social Security disability claimant that year.

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What We Do

At the law office of Kenneth N. Gormly we will guide you through every step of the way. We'll protect your rights at every stage of your claim. You can lean on us, we'll support you through this difficult process.

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Social Security Disability Claims

No Recovery, No Fee

All fees in Social Security and SSI disability cases are set by Congress and must be approved by the Social Security Administration as part of the process when a case is won. Fees are 25% of any back benefit you receive.

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How We Can Help

Claims can be won on the basis of one impairment, either physical or psychological, or can be won on the basis of a combination of impairments. There are times when vocational factors such as age, education, and work history are important. We are experienced in reading medical records and understanding the nature of complex diseases and injuries.

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