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The Benefits of Using a Disability Lawyer
Attorney Kenneth N. Gormly

The Benefits of Using a Disability Lawyer

As you may know, you are not required to hire a social security law firm in Tacoma, WA, to help you work through your particular case. However, the process of applying for disability benefits can be complex, long, and stressful, and an experienced social security lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the court system can be a huge asset to you in the fight for your benefits.

Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a disability lawyer.

They are a liaison between you and the SSA.

Much of the communication used in the disability application process is complex and can be foreign to the average person. An experienced disability attorney is fluent in the language of the Social Security Administration and thus can communicate on your behalf. A proper social security law firm in Tacoma, WA, understands what the SSA sees on your application, and knows the appropriate amount of information to provide.

They collect and sort medical evidence on your behalf.

In many situations, disability benefits cases are won and lost on the basis of medical evidence. After you sign a medical record release, an attorney will help you gather the relevant medical evidence needed to win your case. He or she will take the time to see if you are missing any important tests, and will sort through hundreds of pages to determine what information is crucial for you.

They can help you navigate the appeals process.

According to the SSA, less than 40% of Social Security Disability applications are approved at the initial application level. If your case is denied the first time around, you may appeal the decision. The appeals process is no easier than the initial application process, and an experienced lawyer can help you through the several distinct steps in the appeals process.

You pay zero fees unless you win your case.

All fees in Social Security and SSI disability cases are set by Congress and must be approved by the Social Security Administration as part of the process when a case is won. In other words, you will not pay any fees unless your disability lawyer wins your case. These fees are also capped at 25% of the retroactive reward, with $6,000 being set as the current maximum fee a lawyer may collect.

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