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What We Do
Attorney Kenneth N. Gormly

What We Do

At the law office of Kenneth N. Gormly…
We have been involved in this area of law for many years, and we understand how intimidating and frustrating it can be. We will guide you through every step of the way. We’ll protect your rights at every stage of your claim. You can lean on us, we’ll support you through this difficult process.

Understanding your impairments
Claims can be won on the basis of one impairment, either physical or psychological, or can be won on the basis of a combination of impairments. There are times when vocational factors such as age, education, and work history are important. We are experienced in reading medical records and understanding the nature of complex diseases and injuries. We know what information is important to obtain from your doctors. We can help the Administrative Law Judge assigned to your claim understand these issues and help you tell “your story”.

Doing the “Leg Work” for you
We will assist you with the routine matters on your claim, such as filing your appeals on time and assisting you in completing standard Social Security questionnaires. We will obtain your doctors’ records, as well as reports and interrogatories. These things can be very burdensome to you, but are routine for us. Additionally, we have a highly skilled staff that is dedicated to keeping your claim running smoothly. They are able to quickly and knowledgeably answer your questions. Although hiring an attorney will not necessarily speed the process, we regularly follow the status of your claim to be sure it is being processed properly.

Representing you at each stage in your claim
We will assist you with all stages of your claim, including representing you at administrative hearings and on appeals. In preparation for your administrative hearing, we will explain what issues are most important and will prepare you for the questions that the judge is likely to ask.

Understanding how your benefits are calculated
We understand how the Social Security Administration calculates benefits. If your claim is approved, we monitor your claim to be sure that you are paid correctly. We understand that there are problems which can arise when a person collects Social Security and Workers’ Compensation. We can guide you through these matters.

We do not collect an attorney fee unless we win your claim.

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