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No fees are paid unless you win. Your Social Security Disability lawyer near Olympia, or anywhere else in the United States, only collects their fee when—or if—you win your case, even if the case goes on for years.

Fee Limits

The United States Congress sets the fee limits for lawyers who practice Social Security and SSI disability law. A social security disability lawyer near Olympia must enter into a fee agreement with their client, which will then be passed on to the Social Security Administration for approval. The maximum an attorney can charge in these types of cases cannot exceed $7,200 or 25% of the clients backpay (whichever is less).


There are some exceptions to this rule that may be triggered depending on the complexity of the case. Multiple hearings, appeals, or other extenuating circumstances could necessitate additional compensation. Your lawyer has the right to petition the Social Security Administration to override this limit.

Who Pays for Expenses?

If we win your case, we will also bill you for any expenses incurred during the process. These expenses include the costs of procuring medical records or office expenses. In some cases, hospitals and other facilities will copy your records for free, but much of the time there is a fee associated with printing the copies necessary to move your case forward. Additionally, if it’s determined that the best way to strengthen your case is to attain the opinion of a medical specialist, this cost will ultimately be billed after your case is won.

The Benefit of a Lawyer on Your Side

Applying for disability benefits through Social Security can be a complicated, confusing ordeal for those unfamiliar with the process. Taking steps to prove your disability may leave you feeling exhausted and intimidated. The support of an attorney, advocating for you, can make a world of difference during the case as well as after. Securing the help of a lawyer may seem like just another expense, but it’s important to keep in mind that the ultimate payout you secure with legal assistance could be significantly larger than what you can win alone.

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Attorney Ken Gormly is a passionate advocate for the disabled. He began representing disabled claimants in 1993. If you are looking for a social security disability lawyer near Olympia, please reach out to our office for a free case evaluation. We can help determine if you’re a good fit for our services with no obligation to move forward.

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