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Digestive System
Attorney Kenneth N. Gormly

Digestive System

SSA Bluebook definition: Digestive Systems

The evaluative criteria for digestive system-related health conditions can be found in section 5.00 of the SSA’s Blue Book. In this section, the requirements to qualify are laid out in detail for some of the most common and severe digestive system conditions. Meeting with our Social Security disability attorney near Olympia can help you understand how the Blue Book listing relates to your digestive condition and what to expect during the application process.

What Digestive Conditions Qualify For Disability?

The digestive conditions assessed under this section include (but are not limited to):

  • chronic liver disease
  • gastrointestinal hemorrhage
  • hepatic (liver) dysfunction
  • inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • short bowel syndrome (SBS)
  • malnutrition

Disorders that fall under this category may also lead to complications, such as obstruction, weight loss, or be accompanied by manifestations in other body systems. The SSA does not consider applicants whose condition is expected to last less than a year.

My Condition is Not Listed—Can I Still Apply?

If your condition or complications prevent you from working, you may still be able to apply under a medically equivalent listing. Those with a digestive condition, symptoms, or a combination of impairments not found in the Blue Book must provide sufficient evidence to show that they are medically unable to work. Our Social Security disability attorney near Olympia can help you determine which listing you will need to apply under.

What Documentation Does the SSA Look For?

If you are making your first application or an appeal to the SSA, including the necessary documentation up-front can help cut down on the time before you receive an approval or denial. When it comes to conditions affecting the digestive system, the SSA will need to review a record of medical evidence, including clinical and lab work.

The SSA will look for evidence of your symptoms and their severity in addition to the response you have had to treatment. Evidence of treatments tried and their results can help the SSA determine if a candidate is able or unable to control their symptoms and return to work. Applicants who have a history of resisting medication, therapy, surgery, or other forms of treatment are less likely to be approved for benefits.

Contact Our Social Security Disability Attorney Near Olympia

Are you living with a digestive condition that has made full-time work impossible? You may be eligible for disability benefits. Our Social Security disability attorney near Olympia has represented many clients living with digestive conditions and can help you understand what the SSA needs to see in your application. To discuss your disability or claim with us, please call 253-274-0500 for your free consultation.

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